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The Leadership

Anand Rathi

Rakesh Rawal

Chief Executive Officer

Rakesh Rawal is the Chief Executive Officer at Anand Rathi Wealth Limited. He has been instrumental in galvanising the company’s brand by establishing the domestic footprint of growth pan-India. Under his leadership, Anand Rathi Wealth Limited got listed on the Indian Stock Exchanges in 2021.

Since joining the company in 2007, he has extensively executed corporate governance standards to align the company’s expanding business and equip a sustainable workforce. As an established executive leader, Rakesh has an exhaustive experience in financial operations, cost management and value creation.

Rakesh has over four decades of experience in banking, finance and wealth management. He is the architect of the company’s core proposition document – Financial Data, which encompasses his comprehensive understanding of investor relations and rich experience in sales operations. Today, Anand Rathi Wealth’s financial strategy is a differentiated and innovative business model that has created value beyond wealth. Being a Private Banker himself, Rakesh believes that delivering the company thought-process with utmost humility creates the conviction to act, every single time.

He has previously worked with Hindustan Unilever and Deutsche Bank and was an entrepreneur briefly. Rakesh has a Bachelor of Technology degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and a Masters of Management Studies degree from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies.

Rakesh's vision has enabled Anand Rathi Wealth Limited’s recognition across many platforms, such as The Extraordinaire - Game Changers - 2020-2022 at the Brand Vision Summit. He has also been responsible for creating a culture that has made the organisation a Great Place to Work for the last 3 years.ENDS

Pradeep Gupta

Feroze Azeez

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

As the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Feroze Azeez drives and evolves the company’s strategic direction, shaping Anand Rathi Wealth Limited’s dynamic business landscape while nurturing a team of leaders to deliver the company’s vision to its execution.

Feroze has been influential in expanding the business to 12 locations with an employee size of over 600 people. He has been instrumental in scaling the company’s growth to over Rs. 60,000 crores worth of assets under advisory, of which the assets under management are Rs. 32,906 crores. With an experience of 18 years, Feroze has grown exponentially in the banking and finance industry. He is one of the top private bankers with a few thousand crores of assets under his advice for large families and senior management professionals. His expertise in the nuances of the private wealth business comes from his deep understanding of a client’s requirements and from being one of the company’s largest clients. He is renowned for creating the most efficient portfolio strategy to achieve one of the best risk-adjusted returns.

Feroze’s most significant contribution to the private wealth industry is the revolution of Market Linked Debentures by applying derivatives as a risk management tool. Due to his vision, Anand Rathi Wealth Limited today has the highest market share of 40% regarding Market Linked Debentures. Feroze designed over 1,000 Market Linked Debentures, of which over half have matured and generated an alpha of around 8% on NIFTY. This data, when compared, is better than the performance of most fund managers in India.

Feroze’s passion has always been to create financial awareness to ensure investors’ independent and prudent decision-making. He has been taking investor education by doing over 1,000 educative shows on business channels such as CNBC-TV18, ET NOW and many print publications in the last few years.

Feroze is part of Fortune India magazine’s Class of 2019 – 40 under 40 list, which recognises stalwarts for their unique contributions. Feroze is the only one exclusively featured in this prestigious list by Fortune India from the financial services industry. Feroze is a TEDx Speaker and frequently appears in the leading business channels and newspapers. Feroze has been a recipient of many awards. The recent notable one includes the ‘Dynamic Leader Award, 2020-2022' by the Brand Vision Summit.